How to Repent All the Way by Learning What God Wants

How to Repent All the Way by Learning What God Wants

What Does God Want?  What Does God REALLY Want? 

A Lot of People, Including Pastors Seem Confused and they Often Just Make Things Up. 

But When We Look at the Bible as We Read the Bible Over and Over and Over Again, with the Perspective that God Wants a Real and Genuine Relationship with YOU, then What the Will of God is Starts to Come Together and Things Start to Make More Sense.

You know, in relationships there are things that are just understood and not stated. Women often have to get on men’s cases about this….. Some of this is related to being romantic as well. It’s also about trust. It’s additionally about inner communication with the inner mind, the inner voice between two people which what seems to be the most meaningful to people.  Audible “talk is cheap” when it comes to relationships but the inner voice spoken in trust is very valuable.   – You probably know that already although not many think about such things.

For example we can say many things with our mouth in our relationship development with some one.  Think about the dating process.  Think about romantic moments. Usually, when we “express what we feel” we usually ruin things and it creates a negative downer impact.  Women usually can’t stand this and men do it all the time.   But when you communicate things with your inner voice and then consequently your actions, then that has a much greater and more meaningful impact in a relationship.  

In regards to repentance, ultimately what a lot of us are learning these days is that God wants us to turn to Him and establish this really genuine person-to-person relationship with Him, a very close relationship.   In this relationship you can be yourself and God can be Himself.  It’s an honest relationship.  That maybe actually hard for most to do due to religious upbringing and what we were told about God from others.   

But as we keep seeing through the prophets over and over and over, the ones who get Heaven visits and who hear clearly from God, God wants honest and genuine communication with you so can get to know each other and build this very real relationship.  Remember the accounts between Abraham and Moses, how they became God’s friends.  Why?

Because God wanted friends firstly and Abraham and Moses both talked, expressed themselves openly, honestly and genuinely to God even though somethings they said may be considered shocking to those who have been caught up in religiosity. 

So you can have a version of repenting in a relationship with a friend, a family member or  spouse, where you don’t necessarily have to apologize for doing something bad or messing up. You just may  have drifted from a closeness you once had or… a level or relationship that you have not achieved yet.

“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord!’ will enter the Kingdom of Heaven, only those who do what my Father in heaven wants.

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One thing I’ve noticed over the last few years is that through the various processes and prophets is that God keeps asking over and over again for us to draw close to Him.  God is looking for real intimacy and closeness on the spiritual level from YOU.  Isn’t that awesome! 

And remember God is many many dimensions higher so He can be with everyone at the same time on an individualized basis.  Yet also understand He experiences His relationship with you on an individual basis as if it’s only you and Him.  So when you ignore Him or don’t listen to Him, He takes it personally and it hurts Him.  You’ll gather this from getting to know the Bible.

The key is getting to know the Bible especially these days. Going forward you’ll see massive amounts of new information coming out about this and that. But the Bible is the core, the pillar, the system of salvation.  You need to know the Bible very well in order to navigate successfully into the future.

Additionally in order to do so a very special way of learning the Bible is through the  the Volume Bible Reading System through our Volume Bible Reading plans that you can download for free from the navigation menu on the right side of this page.

And so after while and it finally dawned on me that He actually and really wants a very close relationship with us.  That is so MASSIVE and so COOL!

And if you think about logically:

  • God has to make everything there was nothing before Him. Nothingness is lonely and  boring.
  • God made all sorts of beings over time before He made us. And He made us in His image and likeness. That means He was looking for a certain relatabilit.  Likeley He was wanting, desiring, and needing a certain connection that He could relate to in a certain way, so He made mankind to be like Him, Father, Son & Holy Spirit. 
  • We’re God’s masterpiece creations. So therefore don’t you also treasure your own masterpiece creations or performances? Don’t you also hold special something that you done a good job in creating? 
  • If you were the Creator why would you invent humans? Would you? I guess that also would depend on your experiences up until a certain point.  What would motivate you or inspire you or drive you to make others who are like you who are after your kind? Don’t you seek to have friends who like similar things and thinking similar ways? Don’t you want people around you who like you and  think that your wonderful, even, “the bees knees”? Don’t you want to have people around you who want to do fun things, various other projects and adventures that you like?  Don’t you want close friends and intimate relationships? Don’t you want relationships that add more meaning to life?

So in short what were trying to say here in terms of repentance is that there is a type of repentance whichs is about returning to or being about building a deeper, bigger, stronger relationship with God. It’s about a personal one-to-One, person to Person establishment and returning to God in terms of a close relationship with God.

Another thing that we need to keep in mind is that God doesn’t get tired and He is always on. We get tired of and we have to sleep as well. Our lives can be busy with lots of challenges and distractions. So therefore it is extra special that we make an extra effort to communicate with God, to hang out with God, to talk with God and listen back, to get to know Him through His Word.

If you want to get to know what God wants more and more, what I found is that you need to get to know what YOU actually want more and more.  Doesn’t that sound wild?  Well, it’s super helpful! 

That’s why it’s good to have life experiences. It’s good to be married. It’s good to have friends. It’s good to have children. It’s good to have different social activities and so on. We learn so many things from all of those relationships and interactions. Additionally we end up learning what we want more and more personally. 

A lot of people don’t know what they want becaue they just don’t have enough experience to see what they want vs. don’t want. And as we learn what we want more and more we can understand what God wants for more I have found, in comparison to the Bible and the many prophets we have these days especially as I hear on

Because understand this: not only are we made in God’s image we are also made in His likeness! Don’t forget that!  We are like God in many ways especially in terms of personal relationship.  I’m not saying we’re on God’s level or anything like that, but in terms of how we operate, like and want. 

So get on these volume reading plans from the right navigation menu. Join  Start setting aside some time to talk to God and listen back, even if it’s just a few minutes as you get started.

You want to keep the relationship building process in a doable and enjoyable state so don’t make it become stressful and don’t exhaust yourself out otherwise you’ll start to become negative to this process of spending time with God which is not good.

Develop a relationship with God. Develop that really close relationship with God. Be straight up with God and talk to him. Be genuine and honest; you have to be in order to build a relationship. So go past all those religious ideas that you picked up in the past and just talk to God in a genuine honest and respectful way, an honoring way of course yet just get started. Little by little inch by inch you will get better at this process and your relationship with God will grow.  And this is what God wants. Repent to this, turn to this close relationship building and you will do well.. 

Don’t compare your relationship with God to relationships you may have had unless they were really good ones.  Don’t put God in a box. Don’t think God is this way and when you don’t really know.  Get to know God and let Him tell you. 

If you do not have good relationships with your parents, particularly your dad, don’t compare God your dad or assume that God is like your dad since a lot of people can easily do that and that’s just not the case.