How to Repent

“Repent Repent Repent!” … ‘Uh Ok But Exactly How Do You Repent?’

Does Anyone actually know how to repent?  What is this repent thing anyways.  Does anyone know actually?  It seems like most people who say “repent” don’t even know what it means or can’t even explain it.

A lot of times we hear “a changing of your mind”.   As if that were an actual answer.    What do you mean? Like should I change what my favorite ice cream flavor is?

What is this “changing of my mind?” 


And if you’re telling my my eternal life, my eternal destiny is depending on me repenting or not repenting, while one seems to know what repenting is actually and really, then man, I’m getting stressed out and frustrated here!   

Repenting is about:

  1. Following God vs. Following Satan.
  2. Worshiping God vs. Worshiping Satan.
  3. Fully Trusting God as a Child Trust their Loving Parent.
  4. On God’s Side, Really.
  5. It Will Be Hard or it Will Be Easy – if you hold on to your old beliefs, the way “every one else is doing or thinking”, what your family did for generations, what you think is right based on years of collection of data from this world.
  6. Dark vs. Light.
  7. Being a doer of what the Bible says is sin vs. doing what the Bible says is righteous.
  8. Hating this world (as commanded to do in the New Testament).  Love Heaven.  Put the Kingdom of Heaven first and God’s righteousness, not the world, your maximization in this low grade realm. If you love the world and the ways of the world, the ways of the flesh, the low grade conscious mind thinking or are a friend of the world, looking to please man, looking to go along with the crowd, looking for power, fame and fortune in this world but not for the next… if you are a friend to this world then you are an enemy of God as stated in the New Testament.
  9. Obeying asked the ways of the world (Satan) vs. Obeying the ways of the Bible, the New Testament
  10. Making Yourself God Versus Making God, God
  11. A Self-directed Life Versus A Christ Directed Life
  12. Walking In The Flesh Versus Walking In The Spirit
  13. Being In A Negative Emotional State The In A Positive Emotional State
  14. Acting On The Related Thoughts While In A Negative Emotional State Versus Acting On The Related Thoughts While In A Positive Emotional State.
  15. Having Your Heart Set On Other Things Except God First
  16. Not Being Totally In Love With God to Becoming Totally in Love with God.  Afterall, part of the salvation process is getting engaged to Jesus to be married later to God, yes for real. 
  17. Not Putting The Kingdom Of Heaven First But Putting Yourself First Your Addictions, Your Desires.  God wants you to put Him firs in your heart.  In fact, God wants you to be in love with Him to the point of marrying Him.  For real.  We are made in God’s image and likeness.  So by looking at what you genuinely want  you’ll get to know more about what God wants.  It’s very logical that way.
  18. Not Looking Out For God First And The Brothers And Sisters In Christ Before Yourself
  19. Changing Your Beliefs To Now Believe That What The New Testament Says To Do Is Good And The Thing To Do  Vs Believing What is Listed As A Sin In The Bible Is Good Or Okay To Do Or Something You Can Get Away With


  1. Commands of Jesus Matthew
  2. Commands of Jesus Mark
  3. Commands of Jesus Luke
  4. Commands of Jesus John
  5. Commands of Jesus Acts
  6. Commands of Jesus Romans
  7. Commands of Jesus 1 Corinthians
  8. Commands of Jesus 2 Corinthians
  9. Commands of Jesus Galatians
  10. Commands of Jesus Ephesians
  11. Commands of Jesus Philippians
  12. Commands of Jesus Colossians
  13. Commands of Jesus 1 Thessalonians
  14. Commands of Jesus 2 Thessalonians
  15. Commands of Jesus 1 Timothy
  16. Commands of Jesus 2 Timothy
  17. Commands of Jesus Titus
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  19. Commands of Jesus Hebrews
  20. Commands of Jesus James
  21. Commands of Jesus 1 Peter
  22. Commands of Jesus 2 Peter
  23. Commands of Jesus 1 John
  24. Commands of Jesus 2 John
  25. Commands of Jesus 3 John
  26. Commands of Jesus Jude
  27. Commands of Jesus Revelation